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expectations lead to disapointment, yet i seem to fall hopeful for change of a situation thatll always stay the same.


Marion  Fayolle (b. 1988, Ardèche, France) - 1: Naughty Train, 2013  2: The Moon, 2013  3: Illustration for the book History of O Grand Journal!, 2012  4: For Muze Magazine, 2012  5: For The New York Times, A Formula for Happiness article, 2013  6: Illustration For A Philosophical Novel, A Search Of His Soul, 2011  7: For The New York Times, The Diagnosis Of Mental Disorders, 2013

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I really hate being me at times,
Im the person many people want to be around but shouldnt.
Im the person who needs to change but wont.
Im the person with the best smile but the sadest mind.
Im the person you wont forget but you wish you could.
And ultimately, im the person who will end up alone .

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Empire records…favorite scene


milo manara

My names Jenny;
im 19
and I live in Cali.
You will find: weed/ art/ photography/ me venting/ humor/ horror/ Deftones/ Quotes that cach my eye/ and anything else that suits my fancy,
Enjoy :)

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